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The software collects and analyzes the sound to distinguish whether a watermelon is meture or not. Puis appuyez sur la pastèque deux fois légèrement toutes les 3 secondes. This is an app to fix the orientation of the screen in a specific direction. Téléchargement direct Télécharger cette application sur votre bureau. Watermelon Prober app helps you to determine if a watermelon is mature or immature by analyzing the sound generated from tapping action of watermelon.

Télécharger la dernière version de watermelon prober Android App APK par lzn (contenter.infoermelonProber) (). TÉLÉCHARGER WATERMELON PROBER - Scannez le code QR et installez cette application directement sur votre appareil Android. Because of different water. watermelon prober est une application pour Mobile de app de Outils, Vous pouvez télécharger watermelon prober sur PC et Mac gratuitement depuis notre site.

Watermelon prober sur watermelon prober Langue Tout Langue courante en premier Anglais. Watermelon Prober app vous aide à qatermelon si une pastèque est mature ou immature en analysant le bruit généré par taraudage action de la pastèque.

Par Watermelon Prober app choisir la bonne pastèque est beaucoup plus facile et plus drôle maintenant.


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Téléchargement direct Télécharger cette application sur votre bureau. Watermelon Prober Koolio Entertainment Outils.


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Le reste est le travail de pastèque Prober. Because of different water content of a mature watermelon and an immature one, there are watermelon prober in tones when tap with your finger.

The software watermelon prober and analyzes the sound to distinguish whether a watermelon is meture or not. In addition, it will check for uniformity of the watermelon and will calculate the level of ripeness.

Watermelon Ripeness

The percentage will be displayed. Watermelon Ripeness uses a flashlight to identify more colors that are in the yellow spectrum, that are visible to the naked eye, but not to the computer.

Watermelons Watermelon Ripeness don't continue to ripen after being harvested, unlike many other fruits, so it's no good to just buy one and try to let it ripen on the counter. Canteloupes and other melons do tend to get softer after sitting at room temperature for a few days, but from what we understand, their sweetness is determined by when they were picked, not by how soft they get on the counter. To help do my part for world peace by reducing the disappointment of eating an unripe melon, here are a few tips on how to tell if a watermelon is ripe for eating, whether you bought it at the market or grew it at home.

How to tell if a watermelon is ripe when you pick it out at the market: Watermelon Ripeness : Look at its belly: Watermelons Watermelon Ripeness have an underside, or belly, which is in contact with the ground throughout its growth, called a 'field spot'.

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This spot on a ripe watermelon will be yellowish sometimes referred to as "buttery" , and not white, which indicates an unripe melon. Thump it: Using your knuckles, rap on the middle of the watermelon Watermelon Ripeness while holding it up to your ear, or flick it with your finger like flicking a crumb off your shirt.

A ripe watermelon will have a hollow sound when knocked, which sounds more like a 'plunk' than a 'thwack'.


An unripe watermelon Watermelon Ripeness will have more of a higher pitched sound, while an overripe one will make a 'thud' or a lower-pitched sound.

Learning the difference between the sounds of an unripe vs.